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Commemorate Indonesian National Awakening Day (103 Years)

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In order to commemorate National Awakening Day (103 years) the Pasraman Bali Unity Council held a National Seminar on “The depending for Anand Krishna: Appreciating the Nations Child’s Struggle in Upholding Diversity” on Saturday (May 14, 2011) at 9:00 to 12:00 pm in the Auditorium of IHDN, Jl. Rachel Denpasar, Bali.

Acting as the speakers Djohan Effendi (The State Secretary Minister 2000-2001), Dr. Muh. A. S. Hikam (The Research and Technology Minister 1999-2001), Drs. I Gusti Made Ngurah, etc.

Ayu Sri Mahayani wrote in her FB status, “When religious leaders are busy teaching the small truths, Anand Krishna continues to teach the big truth (Wisdom) to this nation’s children,’ that is the appreciation from Djohan Effendi. Meanwhile, according to Muh. AS Hikam, ‘Democracy will be an anarchy if the rule of law is not enforced. This is the condition of our nation now’

Then, Darma Ariantha taking photos with his cell phone, and share his impression, “The speakers are great Sir!! They are Djohan Effendi, The State Secretary in the Gus Dur President’s Era, and there are also Moh A.S. Hikam!!! Keep on move forward! Our society has already been intelligent. Therefore, the Government must be decesive! Don’t be weak!!! This National Seminar, depending Anand Krishna is full! Many people came from all over Indonesia. We have been smart, we can differenciate which one is the soap opera, which one is the fact!

Finally, please give your support to Anand Krishna: Thank you very much and Viva Justice!



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